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Connect4A member of the Microsoft BizSpark Program

Connect4's mission is to enable small organizations with affordable, advanced technology that has traditionally only been viable for larger enterprise organizations.

We focus our mission on Non-Profit organizations with a view to democratizing the technology landscape.

We focus our technology solutions on addressing data integration across the organization. Rather than sell software that creates silos of disconnected information, Connect4 solutions are all about integration, accessibility and integrated functionality at a price point affordable by smaller organizations. This empowers our customers with more options and greater capabilities than previously possible.

Through Gnosis, our flagship product, and a complimentary set of tools for partners and developers, we support an ecosystem of powerful technology solutions and solution providers to address a wide variety of needs in the non-profit sector.

Steve Hall, CEOSteve Hall, President & CEO

Steve has been intimately involved in the evolving software industry for over 30 years since founding his first software development startup in Australia in the early 1980's.

Over the ensuing years, Steve divided his time between entrepreneurial activities and almost a decade with Hewlett-Packard Company. During his HP tenure, he focused on global implementations of emerging desktop and client-server technologies while managing parts of HP's Asia Pacific and Global Information Technology organizations.

Having transferred from HP's Asia Pacific region to its US corporate offices in 1997, Steve completed a stint managing some of HP's Global IT programs before leaving the industry for a position as Executive Director of a local Silicon Vallley non-profit organization. After three years in that assignment, Steve re-entered the software industry with a newfound passion for bringing high quality, enterprise-class software to non-profits.

Steve founded Connect4 to pursue his new vision and currently leads a vibrant and growing team in the ongoing development, supply and support of Gnosis, an enterprise-class database management service.


Pat Hall, VP Customer ServicePat Hall, VP Customer Service

With 15+ years in Hewlett-Packard's Global Information Technology Organization, Pat brings to Connect4 a wealth of IT management experience in global IT programs management and customer support.

Also a Certified Life Coach and an Ordained Minister, Pat augments her technical and management experience with a heightened awareness on the importance of relationships. Her unique combination of skills helps ensure that Connect4 customers experience the best possible relationship with the company's services and support.


Tim Hall, VP Product Development

Tim began his technology career focused on internet networking technologies while at the same time pursuing disciplines in the developing software industry.

Now as Connect4's lead for software development and architecture, Tim brings together his knowledge and expertise of internet technologies and software architecture to manage ongoing development projects for Connect4's Gnosis platform.

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Tim heads up Connect4's Australian R&D operation and provides hands-on leadership in the ongoing evolution of the product line.


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