Gnosis Features

Gnosis employs a fundamentally different approach to internet cloud software.  Gnosis users will all tell you that they enjoy the rich functionality, robustness and ease of use of Gnosis Pro, our desktop software that frees you from the confines of a web browser when managing your organization's key processes.

Gnosis Pro "Home Screen" - Click for a tour of Gnosis.Gnosis is designed to be used by three groups of people:

Your Staff

Gnosis pro, our leading edge desktop software gives your staff unparalleled, easy access to all of your organization's information and processes, while conforming to a set of access and security rules second to none.

Your Volunteers

Whether you need your volunteers to have restricted access in your office or simply give them access to view or update your data via their web browser at home, Gnosis has you covered.  Volunteers have access to only the features you authorize and need no special software to access constituent data from their home computers.

Your Constituents

After all, your database of information is mostly about your constituents - volunteers, donors, service recipients, associates and other interested persons, why not enable them to access, use and update their information in a way that makes sense for your organization. Hey, while we're there, why not improve your move management efforts and develop a stronger relationship with your constituents by augmenting your existing touch points with new web and email based interactions!

Do It All

You can do it all with Gnosis. Start small, or, start broadly - Gnosis supports your goals for process, capability, quality and efficiency improvements across all areas of your operation. 

For more information on any particular functionality, select the desired link on the left, or, take a Gnosis tour.

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