Communicating Your Message

Gnosis incorporates an integrated communications center that supports all types of communications with your constituents - via email, hardcopy, exports, mail merge, SMS text messages and more.

Gnosis Pro Communications CenterAs the Communications Center is fully integrated into the Gnosis system, you are able to easily implement intelligent options such as emailing to valid email addresses and sending postal mail to all those not reached by email.  Gnosis tracks delivery and open statistics so that you know at a glance how your communications are performing.

As an added bonus, with the inbuilt tools for mail merge and email generation, you no longer need to struggle with file uploads, downloads or opt-in/out with an external email sending service. All communications history is recorded in every constituent profile - including information on whether that constituent actually read the email that was sent (not available for all recipient email systems).

The power and freedom of Gnosis Communications Center also integrates with event management, daily, weekly and Monthly "message of the day" schedules, refer-a-friend, and forward-to-a-friend functionality. This adds a level of sophistication  to any of your communications campaigns and outreach activities. Email marketing becomes a powerful ally in communicating with your constituents. Event marketing becomes a simple extension of your event management process.

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