Managing Constituent Information

Gnosis for Nonprofits manages all information about your constituents - be they potential donors, existing donors, volunteers, members, persons served, interested bystanders or any other type of relationship you wish to track.

The Gnosis Pro Constituent Profile PageGnosis is easily configured and extended to incorporate all of your special data needs.  Information about your constituents is brought into a single multi-tabbed view making all history and current information available to those authorized to view it.

Gnosis also manages relationship information between constituents and groups them into families and applicable organizations. This allows you to click-through the relationships in your database and implement sensible options such as choosing either household or personal mailings on a case-by-case basis.

On the web, Gnosis offers you the ability to engage your constituents on a personal level.  Whether it be something basic like updating their contact information or communication preferences, or something specific like downloading their giving history on-line, Gnosis delivers with drag-n-drop simplicity.

Gnosis offers you the opportunity to consolidate information from your membership database, donor database, online email marketing service, and spreadsheets into a single, consistent, and powerful data source.

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