Managing Fundraising & Donations

Gnosis for Nonprofits focuses as much on donor management as you do with a significant range of functionality for both recording donations and tracking opportunities.

Donor Management Opportunity TrackingIf your organization is on the lookout for grants or cultivating major donor relationships, Gnosis helps you identify fundraising opportunities via its donor database reporting and categorization tools.  Each prospect discovered can be managed via the Gnosis donor management functions, which tracks each opportunity being pursued and reports on progress against goals.

On the accounting end of the donor process, Gnosis provides an array of donation processing functionality including bulk check scanning directly into the donor database, managing  direct debit/credit card giving programs, on-line pledge solicitation and donation processing via your website, and more.

Finally, on the tail end of the donation process, Gnosis for Nonprofits provides an impressive array of donor acknowledgment options.

With Gnosis for Nonprofits, the entire donor management process is supported with efficient and effective tools.

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