Managing Events

Gnosis for Nonprofits boasts an amazing inbuilt event management, online event registration, and calendar system.  It supports events from the most simple "one time registration not required" variety all the way to complex multi-day, multi-track, multi-optional-session selection.

For the more complex event management, Gnosis also supports the optional allocation of returnable (i.e. headsets) or consumable (i.e. sandwiches) resources and supports pre-ordering and allocation of those resources for event registrants.

Online event registration and event marketing information may also be targeted to certain demographic or membership-based groups. You may filter events to have different calendars appear on different pages of your website. Complex arrangements of displaying public events to the general public and member-restricted events to members only are easy to achieve with Gnosis.

Gnosis seamlessly shares event management information for use in your event marketing and communications activity including email marketing and website promotional campaigns.

Encourage online event registration by using "one-click-to-register" functionality available via Gnosis event marketing emails.

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