Managing Membership & Subscriptions

Gnosis Subscription Management Home ScreenManaging your membership database has never been easier.

Gnosis for Nonprofits includes a subscription management system that provides exceptional versatility for membership management and all other types of subscription or periodic-based activities. This means that your membership database is always up to date and the overall challenge of membership management is made significantly easier.

Fully integrated on-line tools allow your constituents to subscribe, renew, upgrade and pay for subscription services or memberships directly via your web site pages. Automated recurring debit/credit card billing for subscriptions supports set-and-forget subscriptions that help you to secure an ongoing regular revenue stream for memberships, subscriptions, pledges, and services.

Subscription services may also be linked to restricted web page areas or downloadable resources, allowing you to make certain content only available to selected subscribers.

Membership management is further enhanced by automatically generating all your membership and subscription-related documentation, member cards, statements, and welcome packets for either email or hardcopy delivery.

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