Web Content Management

Make your web site come live with current content and relevant functionality by implementing the Gnosis Web Content Management option by Kentico.

Kentico's widely acclaimed Content Management System (CMS) adds a rich, fully integrated set of website management tools that support you in easily managing your website without needing any web trained personnel on staff.

Do you want additional functionality on your web site such as forums, e-commerce store, blogs, wiki's or other advanced functionality?  No problem with Kentico CMS - and it's fully integrated with your Gnosis database so you can add Gnosis components like on-line event registration, event calendars and more directly onto your web site pages with point and click ease.

If you want to build and maintain a vibrant web presence where content is automatically aged and removed when stale while new content is directly added by departmental content owners under the supervision of a rigorously enforced approval and publishing process, Gnosis CMS option is a must-have add-on.

If you are interested in taking an "in-depth overview" look at what the Gnosis CMS by Kentico can do to enhance your web site effectiveness, we have a 20 minute flash presentation that takes you through the CMS in action, touching on most of the major feature areas.

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