Subscribing to Gnosis

How Gnosis is Provided

Gnosis, like the majority of modern database software is provided as a software subscription service.  What this means for you is a lower up-front cost to implement and a no-hassle no-infrastructure-required path to on-going management.

We manage your Gnosis system for you, securely storing all of your information in the Internet Cloud, ensuring that only authorized personnel whom you have designated can get access to it.  We manage your database and connectivity, back-up your data, ensure its security and keep your Gnosis Pro software up to date to ensure trouble-free operation.  When you do need assistance, just give us a call and we will help you resolve an issue or learn a lew feature.

How Much Does Gnosis Cost

A new Gnosis service incurs an up-front fee covering establishing your database and Gnosis web portal and having us assist you to get oriented and upload your data.

Each month of your subscription, you will be billed via credit card for your monthly subscription fee. For information on the various Gnosis options and costs, please refer to our Editions & Services Page.

Customizing Your Gnosis System

If you wish to implement some of the advanced web portal or CMS functionality that Gnosis offers, you are likely to also want to purchase some consulting packs.  These packs give you access to consulting services from a Gnosis Specialist to assist you with web site, integration and customization activities designed to get your specific needs addressed.

Consulting packs are available at any time. Most new subscribers will choose one of the getting started packs to gelp them get Gnosis implemented when they initially subscribe.

What Next?

Please give is a call or send us an email so we can have a chat about your needs.  We prefer to get to know our clients personally to get a better idea of how we can support your mission.  We look forward to our initial chat.  If we have already connected, then lets get going!

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