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Accessing Your Gnosis Hosting Portal

Your Gnosis system comes with a hosting portal to provide you with access to control your hosting environment if desired.  While normally most of these operations would be handles by Gnosis Support, you may want to access your portal to perform certain operations such as making your own database backup.

Adding an External HTML Editor to Gnosis

Gnosis Pro includes a basic in-built HTML editor that ships wth the product. To gain more advanced editing capabilities, Gnosis Pro optionally integrates with an external HTML editor of your choice.

This Article describes implementing and using an external HTML editor - including the KompoZer HTML Editor package that is available for free.

Adding Persons to Gnosis from Outside Your Portal Pages

Gnosis supports you in adding new contact information into your database by placing inquiry or sign-up forms on your home page or any other web page.  By following the instructions below, you may configure your web page to submit new person information directly into your Gnosis database.

This information is provided for web developer use.  It is not end-user documentation.

Bounced Email Primer

Mass Email sending requires quite a bit more knowledge and process than ordinary email sending that you may be used to.  Gnosis hides much of the complexity of sending mass email, however, there are a few things that you should know to ensure you have a trouble free experience.  This article explains the email bounce process and how Gnosis handles it.

Check Scanning for Donation Receipts

For high volume donation environments where many checks are received from the same donor (such as weekly donation baskets in churches), Gnosis provides the ability to scan incoming checks and automatically allocate the donations to the correct donor's record.

Communicating Via Email

This article discusses the things that you must consider in order to run effective email communications programs when mass-emailing. Covering topics such as formatting, preventing a SPAM classification, deliverability best practices and more.

Communications Center Changes in V 1.2.283+

The communications Center received some enhancements in version 1.2.283 - 1.2.285. These include a new grid for sorting communications history by month sent, new communications footer ability, and option for auto link tracking.  Our thanks to Dave Walker, Habitat for Humanity - Bay Waveland for these suggestions.

Configuring Gnosis - Hiding Person Tabs

Gnosis can be configured with numerous person tabs to perform all kinds of functions.  It is often desirable to hide some tabs from some users and/or groups of users to either simplify their user interface or improve security be denying access to some areas.  This article explains how to do this.

Consolidating Organization Contacts

When importing data from a foreign data source, you can sometimes end up with multiple copies of an organization with contacts joined to most of them.  This article instructs how to consolidate all of those contacts to a single organization record.

Designing the Gnosis Calendar

This is a technical article for Web Design Professionals.  It describes the stylization options for design customization of the Gnosis online Event Calendar.

Enabling Address Verification (USA Only)

This article desribes the steps required to enable US Address Verification Services in Gnosis.  For information on using the Gnosis Address Verification System, please refer to this document.

Event Registration Documentation Options

There are three documentation options for generating documents to registrants and persons making event bookings.  They are described in this article.

HTML Email & Web Pages

While the web touches all of our lives in a number of ways, creating and editing web pages and HTML emails is a task that is not yet as easy for most of us as is composing a word document.  This document looks at the options and resources for creating and managing Web Pages and HTML emails.

Income Categorization & Classification

Gnosis has a number of options for classifying income for reporting and posting to accounting.  This article describes the income classification methods available.

Installing a Special Version of Gnosis Pro

Some organizations have a special version of Gnosis Pro that is used to support specific needs of their organization. These instructions should be used for those organizations where directed by Gnosis Support.

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