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Article : Adding Persons to Gnosis from Outside Your Portal Pages

Summary: Gnosis supports you in adding new contact information into your database by placing inquiry or sign-up forms on your home page or any other web page.  By following the instructions below, you may configure your web page to submit new person information directly into your Gnosis database.

This information is provided for web developer use.  It is not end-user documentation.
Applies to: Gnosis Web Portal

Adding Persons to Gnosis from Outside Your Portal Pages

Audience: Web Developer
New person information may be submitted to your Gnosis database by submitting JSON encoded person data to the following URL on your portal site:

An example of the JSON encoded information to successfully add a person to the database is shown below:

   {        "RequestType": "NewPerson",        "EEmailAddress": "",        "PTitle": "",        "PFirstName": "Stephen",        "PMidName": "",        "PLastName": "Hall",        "PSuffix": "",        "PPrefName": "Steve",        "PMemberPassword": "",        "PReferredBy": 0,        "PDOB_fixed": "1999-11-01",        "TPhoneNumberBus": "408-404-1591 x101",        "TPhoneNumberHome": "",        "TPhoneNumberMobile": "",        "TPhoneNumberOther": "",        "AAddress1": "PO Box 320656",        "AAddress2": "",        "ACity": "Los Gatos",        "AState": "CA",        "AZip": "95032",        "ACountry": "USA",        "Attribute (optional comment):2078": true,        "Attribute (optional comment):1882": "Text to insert in attribute"   }

  • Request type is a required field and should be added to the JSON request as shown above
  • EEmailAddress is a mandatory field
  • PFirstName is a mandatory field
  • PLastName is a mandatory field.
  • Other fields may be included or omitted from the JSON request as desired.
  • To add attributes for the new person record, format the attribute field name as follows:
    • Keyword “Attribute”
    • followed by an optional description of the attribute
    • a colon delimiter
    • The Attribute ID number in your Gnosis database.
    • Data to be entered for the attribute should be provided as follows:
      • For boolean types - either “true” or “false”
      • For numeric or text types - the numeric or text content
      • For a “select from” list - The alias name of the option to be selected
      • For a date, we recommend using international format - 2012-12-31

The “Remote Data Input” page will return the following JSON acknowledgement:
"ResponseID" : "1234",
"ResponseText" : "Saved.",
"DataInputSucceeded" : true,
“HTTPStatusCode” : 201

If the “ResponseID” is a positive number, it contains the ID number of the new person record entered.  If the “ResponseID” is negative, the submission failed and the reason is contained in the “ResponseText” field.  “DataInputSucceeded” is a boolean field that indicates success or failure.


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