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Article : Check Scanning for Donation Receipts


For high volume donation environments where many checks are received from the same donor (such as weekly donation baskets in churches), Gnosis provides the ability to scan incoming checks and automatically allocate the donations to the correct donor's record.

Applies to: Gnosis Pro - All Versions

Check Scanning for Donation Receipts

With the Gnosis Check Scanning option enabled and a compatable scanner, Gnosis asks for the correct donor to attribute a check to the first time the checking account number is encountered when scanning a check.  Thereafter, Gnosis will automatically load the correct donor's record when a check is scanned and fill in information such as payment type, date, check number and donor. 

In order to post the donation to Gnosis with check scanning enabled, all the operator needs to do is scan the check, key in the donation amount and press enter.

Gnosis currently only supports one brand and series of check scanner.

Magtek USB Mini MICR Check Reader
Part Numbers (only the USB models will work with Gnosis): P/N’s: 22523001, 22523003, 22533003,
Available online from the following stores:
You also may need to order the cable for the scanner as it uses a proprietary plug:

To install the scanner on a workstation with Gnosis, perform the following steps:
  1. Download the MagTek scanner drivers from, or, if your firewall does not permit the downloading of an exe file, you may obtain a zip file with the drivers here.
  2. Install the drivers by either double-clicking on the exe file, or, unzipping the zip file and then running the exe file therein.
  3. Plug in the Magtek scanner and note the USB Port number that is displayed as the scanner configures its-self.  The port number will be displayed as "COM9" or something similar in a baloon information popup in the bottom right hand corner of the display.  If the scanner is already configured on the workstation, view the system device properties for the scanner to obtain the port number.
  4. Run Gnosis Pro and proceed to the Gnosis Pro Home Navigator form.
  5. While holding down the "control" key, click on the Contributions Batch Entry icon.  Gnosis will display a prompt requesting that you enter the Port Number of the scanner that you noted in step 3.
Your scanner should now be configured and correctly scan checks into Gnosis when you press on the "Check Scanning Mode" button in the contributions entry screen.

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