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Article : Communications Center Changes in V 1.2.283+


The communications Center received some enhancements in version 1.2.283 - 1.2.285. These include a new grid for sorting communications history by month sent, new communications footer ability, and option for auto link tracking.  Our thanks to Dave Walker, Habitat for Humanity - Bay Waveland for these suggestions.

Applies to: Gnosis Pro version 1.2.283+


Gommunications Center History Grid

The communications item history list would become unweildy over time.  To organize these items in a more orderly fashion, they have been sorted into groups based on the month and year they were sent.  Unsent items are grouped together at the top or bottom of the list depending on the sort order you apply by clicking on the heading.

Communications Email Title & Subject

Each communications item now has a separate title and subject. This allows you to have an internal name for an item and have a different subject to go out on emails, facilitating emails with the same subject being differentiated by their internal title.

When creating an item, give it an internal name.  When the content screen with the subject appears, it will default to the title name, but, you may override the title with a desired subject for the email.

Email Footer

Instead of placing the opt-in/out, profile edit and other information manually on emails, you may now add the desired HTML for the footer area into a system preference in the "Preferences & Settings / Communications area", called "HTML to be Placed at bottom of all HTML emails", and, "Plain Text to be Placed at bottom of all Plain Text emails".

Once you have set it up, to use this footer, simply drag the "Special Mail Merge Fields/Email Footer" field onto your email.

You may also set up Gnosis to automatically place a footer on every page that does not already have one. To do this, set the "Automatically Insert Footer Into Emails" setting in the "Preferences & Settings / Communications area" to on.

Auto-Set Link Tracking

If you would like all emails to automatically track link click-through's, you may do this by setting on the preference in the "Preferences & Settings / Communications area", called "Automatic Link Tracking".

You may still want to use the tracking tab in the email content area
to insert friendly names for links from time to time so that link tracking reports do not have to use long hard to decipher URL's instead of friendly names for the pages.

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