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Article : Configuring Gnosis - Hiding Person Tabs


Gnosis can be configured with numerous person tabs to perform all kinds of functions.  It is often desirable to hide some tabs from some users and/or groups of users to either simplify their user interface or improve security be denying access to some areas.  This article explains how to do this.

Applies to: Gnosis Pro - All Versions.

Configuring Gnosis - Hiding Person Tabs

Any tabs may be hidden on the Person page by selecting the tab names to hide in the system settings and preferences area.

On the main meny, go to Settings | Preferences & Settings | General Tab | and select the "Hide Tabs on Person Page" option.

In either the organization wide, group wide or individual columns for the desirted user, enter a comma seperated list of tabs that you wish to hide (without any spaces between items).

The following Video demonstrates the procedure.

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