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Article : Consolidating Organization Contacts

Summary: When importing data from a foreign data source, you can sometimes end up with multiple copies of an organization with contacts joined to most of them.  This article instructs how to consolidate all of those contacts to a single organization record.

Applies to: Gnosis Pro Version 1.2.270+

Details: There is a Gnosis procedure that should help with duplicates of an organization and the job of shifting all the contacts from multiple organization records to one consolidated organization record.
  1. First, you need to load each of the duplicate organization records so that they are all open (you will need to “Pin” each one to keep it open if you open them manually). You may select multiple organization records to open in the Organization Search Window - Control-Click on each record in the list that you want to open.
  2. Switch to the organization record that you want to consolidate all contacts to.
  3. On the top main menu, choose “Organization Actions | Consolidate Contacts to this Org”.
This will move all contacts to the selected organization. You can then go to each of the other open records and delete them if desired.

Note:  The consolidate option will consolidate all contacts for every organization record currently open into the organization being displayed, so, ensure that you only have organizations open that you wish to consolidate.

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