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Article : Enabling Address Verification (USA Only)

Summary: This article desribes the steps required to enable US Address Verification Services in Gnosis.  For information on using the Gnosis Address Verification System, please refer to this document.
Applies to: Gnosis Pro, Version 1.2.393 and later.
Details: Gnosis includes two types of address verification functionality:
  • Verification of address information in real-time at the point of entry using Gnosis Pro.
  • Bulk CASS Certification (Coding Accuracy Support System) of postal addresses in order to receive lower USPS postal rates on bulk mailings.
In order to use these services, you must first establish an account with an address verification service supported by Gnosis.  Presently, Gnosis supports the Address Verification Service.

Setting Up a Smarty Streets Account

To obtain a smarty streets account, go to the Smarty Streets signup page and complete the application form.

Here are the detailed steps required to obtain your account and set it up in Gnosis:
  1. Go to the Smarty Streets signup page and complete the application form.
    1. Within a few minutes, you will recieve a new account welcome email.  This email will cointain the following information:
      1. Navigate to:
    2. Email Address: <your sign-up email address>
    3. Temporary Password: <a temporary password for your account>
  2. On receipt of the new account message, go to the link provided and:
    1. Login to your account
    2. From the account "Dashboard", hover over the "My Account" menu item and choose "Profile" menu option to add any missing information and change your password.
    3. Again, from the "Dashboard", hover over the "My Account" menu item and choose "Key Management".
      1. Under the section called "Secret Key Pairs", you should see one or more security keys consisting of an "Auth ID" and an "Auth Token". If you do not see this, next to the "Add" button, type "Gnosis" as the label name and press the "Add" button to generate a new key pair.
      2. You will be copying the Auth ID and Auth Token values from this page into Gnosis in the next step.
    4.  Login to Gnosis Pro as a user with administrator privileges.
      1. On the main menu, choose "Settings | Preferences & Settings" to open the Gnosis Preferences & Settings screen.
      2. Choose the "Service Integration" tab on the left.
      3. On the "Address Verification Service Auth-ID" line, in the left most column, paste the Auth ID from the web page listing in step 3.2 above.
      4. On the "Address Verification Service Auth-Token" line, in the left most column, paste the Auth Token from the web page listing in step 3.2 above. NOTE: Before copying the token, please make sure that the right hand column next to the Auth Token shows "raw" and not "URL-encoded" when you highlight and copy it.  To change the type from URL-encoded back to raw, just click once on the token value.
      5. Lastly, ensure that the "Address Verification Suspended" option is unchecked.
      6. Click the "Save & Close" button at the bottom of the screen.
      7. Finally, to activate your address verification service, you will need to reset your web portal.  To do this, on the Gnosis Pro main menu, go to "Settings | Administration | Website Administration | Reset Web Site". Note:  Any active web portal sessions will be logged off.
To test that your service is correctly setup, load any person record that has a household address and make some change to ensure that the address will fail verification.  The easiest things to change are:
  • Change the zip code to have only 5 digits if it had the full 9.
  • Change the St/Ave/Plc/etc... street abbreviation to spell out the full Street/Avenue/Place/etc...
When you save the record, a new "Address Verification" Window will be displayed.  If you receive this window, your address verification system has been setup correctly.  If you do not, please check the token that you obtained and pasted in steps 2.3 and 2.4 above.  If the setup seems correct but you are not getting the address verification window, please email support.

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