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Article : Event Registration Documentation Options

Summary: There are three documentation options for generating documents to registrants and persons making event bookings.  They are described in this article.

Applies to: Gnosis Pro Version 1.2.273+

Details: There are 3 documentation options available when registering someone for an vent.
  • Event Attendance Invoice - sent to person making booking, only when there are fees fidgets event.
  • Event Booking Confirmation - sent to person making booking with details of all registrants.
  • Event Registration Confirmation.  This form is sent to each registrant, confirming their booking.
The invoice document will only be sent if there are costs associated with the registration and the option to send an invoice is turned on on the registration screen. The booking confirmation will be sent whenever the option is checked on in the registration screen. The Registration Confirmation" document will  sent if there is a document allocated for that event and  i is selected on the registrations screen.

The options to send or not send documents are only visible on the internal registrations screen.

You can create your own registration confirmation and send it to registrants on registration.  REGISTRATION confirmations go to each individual registrant as opposed to the standard BOOKING confirmation that only goes to the person booking the registrations.  The distinction can be somewhat mute though if your organization restricts online registrations to be only for people in the same household.
You CAN setup an event to automatically send a REGISTRATION confirmation to each registrant.  This would be in addition to the BOOKING confirmation that would be sent unless you were performing the booking internally and de-select the generation of a booking confirmation.
To setup an event to have a registration confirmation, you select a suitably setup communications item from the communications center to be sent out automatically on registration. This is done on the main Event setup page in the “Reg. Confirmation” field.
Communications items used for this purpose must use the recipient group “Event Registrants” or a custom similar group based on the “Event Registration Administration” schema.

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