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Article : Using Address Verification Services

Summary: This article describes the process for using address verification services in Gnosis.

Gnosis includes two types of address verification functionality:
  • Verification of address information in real-time at the point of entry using Gnosis Pro.
  • Bulk CASS Certification (Coding Accuracy Support System) of postal addresses in order to receive lower USPS postal rates on bulk mailings.

Applies to: Gnosis Pro V1.2.393 or later.
Details: In order to use Address Verification Services in Gnosis, you must have an address verification service provider account setup in Gnosis.  For details on how to do this, please see the knoweldge base article on Enabling Address Verification.

Using Point Of Entry Verification

Address Options Dialog WindowGnosis pro provides point-of-entry address verification at the time any address is first entered or later updated. Gnosis will check all entered addresses and if the entered address does not meet the USPS addressing standard, the correct address will be offered for you to choose in a verification window as shown here.

If the address that you entered was unclear (for example, you may have omitted a unit number on a multi-unit address), you will be given a list of matching valid addresses to choose from.  You will also be given the option to stick with your entered address if desired, however if you do so, that address will be marked as invalid.

Once an address has been verified, address verification information is also stored for that address.  You may access the address verification information by pressing the blue USPS icon to the right of the address area.

On your web portal, address verification can also be enabled anywhere guests are able to provide their postal address.  Enabling this feature also provides an auto-complete function that narrows options as the guest continues to type segments of the address and guarantees that entered addresses in your Gnosis database will be deliverable.

Using CASS Certification in Gnosis Pro

When an address is CASS Certified, you may mail to it using bulk-mail at a lower postal rate, thereby reducing the overall cost of mailing and improving the deliverability of your mail items.

The process flow for CASS Certifying your addresses is as follows:
  1. In the communications Center, choose the "CASS Verify" button in the lower right hand corner.
  2. On the "Export Addresses" tab:
    1. Select the recipient group that you wish to CASS Certify.
    2. If you wish to exclude addresses from CASS verification that have opted-out of mailings, choose the comms category for the item that you will be mailing, otherwise, just leave it at "All Categories".
    3. If you wish to exclude addresses from CASS verification where they were already CASS verfiied in the last X days, specify "X, otherwise, set this value to "0" to verify all addresses.
    4. Choose a folder and file name for the export file to be uploaded to the CASS Verification Service.
    5. Press the "Export" button to create the file of addresses to be verified.
    6. Click on the "Open CASS Verification Website" link to open a web page to upload your exported address list.
  3. On your Address Verification website, upload the address file.  For service, take the following steps:
    1. Log in to
    2. Click the "Upload List" button and choose the export file from step 2.4 above. Smarty Streets will display the first few addresses that were uploaded.
    3. Press the "Import List" button to begin CASS processing.
    4. CASS processing will begin almost immediately and the web page will show a "download" link once processing is completed.
    5. Click on the "download" link and a processing summary will appear.
    6. Click on the blue "Download" button and download the file to your computer.
    7. While you are on this screen, you may wish to also press the "Print Report" button to get a copy of the USPS CASS Summary report that you will need to complete in section 'D' with your name and signature and provide to the USPS with your mailing.
  4. Back in Gnosis Pro, switch to the "Import Results" tab in the Address Verification Center.
    1. Down the bottom of the screen, choose the export zip file that you downloaded from
    2. Press the "Import" button to import the corrected address information into Gnosis.
    3. The results of the import will display in the Verification History grid at the top of the page. The "To Be Edited" column in the grid lists the number of addresses (if any) that need manual editing.
  5. If there are imported addresses that require manual action to resolve the correct address, you may display those addresses in the "Edit Exceptions" tab.  When you click on an import row in the grid at top, any addresses that require manual intervention to correct are displayed along with details of the problem(s) and the opportunity to correct and re-validate the address.
    1. The list of addresses are loaded into the "Exceptions Processing Grid" on pressing the "Load Addresses" button.
    2. Each address that is selected populates the edit area at the bottom of the form and displays all verification and failure information concerning that address from the USPS database.  You may use this information to assist in determining the problem with the address in order to verify it.  By default, only the failure information is displayed in the CASS Verification Notes grid, but selection of the checkboxes at the top of the grid, changes the level of detail displayed.
    3. Note: USPS regulations stipulate that all addresses being submitted for automation discounts must have been CASS certified. Addresses corrected using the "Edit Exceptions" and real-time address verification methods — while producing accurate deliverable addresses — does not qualify as "CASS Certified".  Conseqently, if you wish to include manually processed and individually verified addresses in a mail run that takes advantage of volume discounts, you will need to re-run these addresses that have not been CASS certified in order to include them in your mailing.

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