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Gnosis Support References & Documentation

  1. Gnosis Core Functionality 
    1. Gnosis Pro On-line User Guide.
    2. Gnosis On-demand Self Paced Video Instruction.
    3. Gnosis Knowledge Base & Best Practice Articles.
    4. Online Credit Card Payment Gateway [Authorize.Net (USA), Eway (Australia), & Others]
      1. Overview of the Authorize.Net Customer Information Manager Service.
      2. Diagram explaining the credit card processing process.
      3. reference information.
      4. A Primer on Merchant Account Terminology & Charges
      5. Process for changing bank/merchant account with
  2.  Gnosis Partner Service Configuration Guides
    1. Smarty Streets CASS Address Verification (USA)
      • SmartyStreets offers CASS and instant address verification servies free of charge to non-profits once you have completed the simple application process.  In addition, Gnosis has fully integrated with SmartyStreets so that you can automatically verify addresses in your Gnosis database with ease.
      • The SmartyStreets free online application for registered 501c non-profit organizations is located here.

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