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Gnosis Credit Card Processing Overview

Gnosis implementes the Customer Information Manager service from - a subsidiary company of Visa International.

The Customer Information Manager (CIM) product is a highly secure card information service that manages credit card information for many of the world's largest companies and brands.  By using the CIM service, the Gnosis product, and the non-profit organization implementing it, does not store or have access to the actual credit card information of it's constituents, instead, it only has access to the last four digits of the card number for card identification purposes.

All credit card information is stored on the Authorize.Net internal systems. As a courtesy to cardholder using their card to donate to the non-profit, it can present a list of past cards used to allow the cardholder to easily select a card to be used for a transaction without having to disclose all sensitive card information.  This is both a convence to the cardholder and makes it simple for the non-profit organization to serve its constituents with quick painless and secure transaction processing.

As a result, the non-profit accepting cards through Gnosis can assure it's constituents that credit card data is never stored by them, resulting is the highest possible security while still providing the simplicity of easy card selection for processing donations and other transactions for the non-profit.

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