Gnosis Consulting Packs

Gnosis Consulting Packs are designed to get you up and running quickly with the customization of Gnosis for your particular needs.

While Gnosis offers a supurb range of functionality right out of the box, there are many options available to integrate it more directly into your organization's processes.  This is especially so with activities like the integration of your membership programs, subscriptions, on-line donations and event management into your web site.

Every non-profit is different and has different process needs - and Gnosis is designed to be configured to meet your specific needs.  To help achieve this, we offer consulting packs that have been created to get you going fast. We have listed below some of the available consulting packs and some typical uses for them.

Consulting Pack
Price Typical Services Covered
Web Portal Template Pack
$ 250 Takes your existing website design and uploads it to your Gnosis portal website to achieve a consistent look and feel across all of your web pages.
Website Integration Pack $ 475 Moves your existing static website pages to your new Gnosis portal site, allowing you to discontinue your old site and have one single website for all your pages moving forward. also includes services of the Web Portal Template Pack.
Custom Web Page Pack $ 275 Includes creation of up to three web pages for implementing one set of custom Gnosis functionality - for example, customizing membership information signup and/or display pages.

Online Training Class pack

$ 235

If your staff need a little hand holding to learn about some more advanced Gnosis functionality, this pack will provide two to three hours of live, internet delivered training for up to five people.

Silver & Gold Editions Getting Started Pack
(***Highly Recommended for new Silver and Gold subscriptions***)

$ 1,220

This pack includes all of the services listed above and is designed to provide the common set of services that an average organization needs to implement a full range of Gnosis Silver Subscription Services. It includes setting up your portal website, applying your web template for a consistent look and feel, implementing pages for on-line donations, member profiles event calendar, online registrations, on-line subscriptions and membership management. The package also includes 5 hours of consulting and training to help you start putting Gnosis to work for your organization.
Custom Services 1 hour pack $ 125 Covers one hour of Gnosis related services and may be used for custom web work, training or configuration.  Doesn't cover you calling for a chat though - we don't charge for that!.

Custom Services 5 hour pack

$ 562 Covers five hours of Gnosis related services and may be used for custom web work, training or configuration.

For custom configurations and special needs, we are happy to provide an estimate. Limits apply to deliverables in some Consulting Packs. Contact us to chat about your specific needs.

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