Non-profits are our mission!

Gnosis is the system that we provide, but more importantly, with it comes our team's dedication to your ongoing success!

Gnosis is a product of Connect4

Connect4 was born in 2004 with a mission to serve the non-profit community with technology and services that democratized the information technology landscape.

In the ensuing years, we have focused on integrating a broad range of functionality into Gnosis packages that are affordable, approachable and manageable by small to medium sized organizations.

Sixteen years after inception, Connect4 is still run as a family business. Our passion to support others via the non-profit community still drives us today as we welcome new opportunities to be of service.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Steve Hall
Chief Executive
Tim Hall
Vice-President Development
Pat Hall
Vice-President Customer Service
Kristina Krizan
Senior Account


SF Bay Area, California

Sales, Support & Administration

Melbourne, Australia

Development Center of Expertise

Windsor, Wisconsin

Support Center of Expertise